The Central Andes Geochemical GPS Database
Central Andes Geochemical and Geochronology Database Central Andes Interactive Age Maps

karteHere we provide a data compilation of the Central Andes in form of a clickable map. The data base has been published recently by:

Mamani et al (2008, 2009) (see reference and abstracts).

The compilation contains more than 1500 major- and trace-element and 650 Sr-, 610 Nd-, 570 Pb-isotopic analyses of Meso-Cenozoic (190-0 Ma) magmatic rocks in southern Peru and northern Chile mostly from our new data but also from the literature, and some unpublished, data. This data set documents compositional variations of magmas since Jurassic time, with a focus on the Neogene period when major Andean crustal thickening developed and its influence on magma composition was most pronounced.

The Central Andes Geochronology Database provides a compilation of ages for the Central Andes. Sample ages are shown in different colors for their geological age.

This compilation is based on:

Mamani et al (2010)
R. Pilger (link to source)
and additional data from the literature.

You can filter the data according to author, country, volcanoes, age, compositions, rock types and locations. It's also possible to download data as an excel file. With the clipboard function you are able to create your own set of samples and download it as an excel file.

This map provides sliders to select an age range of the samples for a timescale from 0 Ma. to 200 Ma.

Samples of a selected age range will be shown in the map.
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We hope you will find this compilations useful, any comments and suggestions are welcome

Mirian Mamami, Gerhard Wörner (, Stefan Möller-McNett (IT-Specialist)


Please respect data that are only published in Thesis form.

The Database is based on MySQL and holds over 5.000 data points.
Therefore we would recommend you to use Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox as Webbrowser,
Microsoft Internet Explorer is inadvisable.

Reference and Abstracts

R. Pilger KMZ file.
Mamani et al (2008)
Mamani et al (2010)

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